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ECOPM  President/Chairperson:    Dr. (Dr.) Y.S. Suvorova Ph.D.

The European College of Physical Medicine

The European College of Physical Medicine  (ECoPM) is an organization dedicated to the non-surgical treatment of the human body.  The goal of this organization is to develop and promote non-surgical treatment techniques that restore the human body to a state of good health and equilibrium.  To reach these goals the ECoPM promotes and enhances  soft-tissue knowledge among physicians and other health care providers in the treatment of soft tissue dysfunction and other disorders of the human neuromusculoskeletal system.  The ECoPM provides certification in specific courses designed to reach these goals.  Prerequisites for membership in this organization requires one or more advanced degrees in the healing arts.  Membership and certification is determined on a case by case analysis of the potential members training, goals and motivation.  

For more information on membership and certification please fill in the membership application form on this websight.

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